Data Reporitory (DR)


DR includes all co-operation relevant data from in-house systems (procurement system, resource planning system, material management system, design system, etc.)to avoid the development of specific interfaces for every application systems and for every co-operation partner

Electronic Component Catalogues


Electronic Component Catalogue which are normally available on company WEB sites or as CD-Roms include company and product descriptions. DYCONET will add geometric and procurement information to these catalogues and develop an interface to allow the integration of theses information into the userís application systems. The main important standards for this interface will be EDIFACT and XML.

Virtual Enterprise (VE)


Virtual Enterprises are defined as a set of temporary linked individual companies clustered to fulfil a timely restricted business process and behaving for that business process as an integrated enterprise enabled by advanced information and communication technology.

Virtual Enterprise System Integrator (VESI)


VESI is a socket for virtual enterprise connectivity. The VESI concept will be open for additional modules, but DYCONET will start with the modules for WEB access, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and EXTRANET. Therefor international standards (EDIFACT, XML, STEP, etc.) as well as industrial standards (DXF, etc.) will be under consideration to ensure a widespread usability of the DYCONET results.